REALEX is a real estate company in the Washington Metropolitan area.  Our services are individualized for your needs.  REALEX offers the option of a personalized fee-for-service plan as well as the traditional commission plan.  We are uniquely qualified to offer you expert services in the areas of consulting, buyer brokerage, marketing, property management, real estate development, and construction.

Fee For Service

REALEX has developed a new concept in providing specific services for you. Our fee-for-service plan allows you to pick and choose the real estate services you require. You can select to only pay for the specific services you need, i.e., consultation on pricing, development of a marketing strategy, or the services of a skilled negotiator; or you may purchase a package of services for a traditional commission.  If you prefer to hire someone to perform a specific service, and to be charged on an hourly basis, REALEX can offer you this alternative.  And as always, the first consultation with our representatives is free.


As your consultants we answer the wheres, whys and hows of real estate by:

  • providing information
  • rendering in-depth analyses
  • facilitating the process of decision-making
  • providing individualized solutions, and
  • offering a free consultation at our first meeting

Buyer Brokerage

As your buyer broker we:

  • provide information on current market conditions, prices, and financing
  • provide comparative market analyses
  • negotiate the best possible price and contract terms on your behalf, and
  • protect your investment throughout the entire process of purchasing your new home or investment property


We believe that effectively marketing your home requires perseverance and hard work.  We will commit all our efforts to successfully take you through the steps of marketing, sale and settlement by:

  • providing information
  • keeping you updated
  • aggressively advertising
  • utilizing the Multiple Listing System
  • utilizing marketing
  • holding Open Houses, and
  • negotiating the best possible terms and price for your property

Property Management

We will care for your property as though it were our own.  As property managers we:

  • find tenants for your property
  • collect rents
  • pay on your behalf mortgages, real estate taxes, insurances and other expenses
  • ensure that the property is well maintained and repaired as necessary, and
  • provide you with a monthly report and disburse funds

Real Estate Development

We help real estate developers by:

  • providing information on local market conditions and trends
  • providing updated information on the local government planning, development and zoning ordinances
  • locating available properties
  • negotiating the best possible terms for acquisition
  • facilitating the process of planning, zoning, and environmental controls, and
  • helping to complete the project and be available to help lease the property

Renovation and Construction

For those who prefer to renovate or build their own dream home, we can help you:

  • locate the ideal lot
  • find the right architect to design your new home
  • select reputable and professional builders
  • estimate the cost of construction
  • secure the necessary financing, and
  • complete the purchase of the property

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